Andhra Pradesh
come to where tradition has come to roost

South India - Andhra Map

As you emerge from the airport, and take a drive into the modern city of Hyderabad, you’ll find  the land seldom revealing its glorious past. Yes. Andhra Pradesh, the third largest state in India, basks in a heritage that dates back to the palaeolithic era. Time, in its forward surge, witnessed a host of dynasties ruling over the land – the Mouryans, the Sathavahanas, Ikshvakus, the Chalukyas, the Pallavas, the Kakatiyas, the Mughals… Leaving the place with soul-filling expressions that exude the human urge for eternity –  relics and monuments. Little surprise, the Telugu culture, as distinct as it is, has imbibed the influence of these ripples in time. Giving rise to a rich cultural heritage, which comes adorned with spectacular monuments, temples, mosques, palaces, arts, crafts, dance and literature.

For a traveller seeking unique experiences, Andhra Pradesh offers a heaven. Cradle of a rich legacy in classical music (Carnatic), and dance form – Kuchipudi, Andhra takes a pride of place amidst Indian dance forms and classical music. Great Carnatic Music composers like Tyagaraja, Annamacharya composed their songs in praise of God Vishnu and Sri Rama, in Telugu, the language of Andhra.

Breeze in to the shopping malls, you’ll find another rich tradition spreading a myriad of colours. This time, in fabrics, metalware, wood, precious metals and granite. Kalamkari, the Andhra style of fabric painting, using vegetable dyes, is world famous. So is the Batic style wall hangings.

When you’ve had enough to thrill your fine senses, settle down to enjoy the unique Andhra cuisine. From Hyderabadi Dum Biryani to authentic vegan cuisine, the Andhra offers a wide variety, laced with a splash of red hot chillies!

Dravidian Itineraries

  • The Soul Trail :
    Chennai (1night) • Tirupathi (1night) • Puttaparthy (2night) • Bangalore (1night) • Hassan (1night) • Mysore (1night)... 07nights / 08days.

  • The Hoysala Trail :
    Hyderabad (1night) • Bidar further to Gulbarga (1night) • Bijapur (01night) • Badami (1night) • Hospet (2night) (One day visit to Hampi) • Hassan (1night) • Mysore (2nights) • Bangalore (1night)... 10nights / 11days.