dravidian trail's special places

There’s nothing more exotic than celebrating a special day, or an event, in a far off place. Away from your homeland. Marriage. Engagement. Business victories…

When an occasion calls for a grand, unique celebration, Dravidian Trails can turn it into an event of a lifetime. Be it a wedding in ‘Kodagu style’, with a sumptuous spread of colourful pageantry. Or a jungle party high up in the misty hills of Karnataka. Or a floating fiesta along the dreamy backwaters of Kerala. Our dedicated ‘Specials’ wing is well-equipped to smoothen out all hassles, so that you can just plunge into the celebrations, head-on.

Dravidian Trails goes beyond the beaten-tracks to offer you a range of exotic, custom-tailored event options like:

  1. Kochi Nivasi
  2. Valayita Kaikal
  3. Chooru
  4. Islands of C perumal
  5. Paravai
  6. South Indian Rail