come, live the legends and lore

Celebrated in lore and legends, Karnataka is just the place to travel back to antiquity. The land basks in the glory of over two thousand years of tradition. A bevy of dynasties ruled over this magnificent state, leaving time-proof footprints as monuments. Beckoning us to the glory and grandeur of olden days. Saunter by the ancient monuments of Hampi. Walk up to the awe-inspiring rock-cut caves of Badami. Admire the gigantic Gomateswara, a huge sculpture of Jain Thirthankara. Discover how granite turns pulp in the hands of creativity, leading to breathtaking poetry in stones at Hoysala temple at Belur, Halebid, Somanathpur. Take a stroll along the magnificent Mysore city. Or amidst the stately Forts, Domes and minarets of Bijapur, where the rich expressions of the Mughal era come alive. Punctuate this heady feel with a dash of heavy metal, at the pubs of the celebrated IT hub - Bangalore…You’ll know the multifaceted Karnataka can still spring a surprise in your mind, beckoning you to a trail to ecstasy.  

If you think, by now, that Karnataka is a land of magnificent monuments, you’re in for surprise. There are virgin beaches, exciting hill stations, places of worship like Udipi, Sringeri, Kollur, Gokarna, wildlife and dreamy hinterlands, where you can discover life in its myriad hues and ways. Everything about Karnataka is an intense experience.

Dravidian Itineraries

  • The Heritage Trail : Bangalore (1night) / Hassan (1night ...via Saravanabelagola PM s/s of Belur & Halebid) / Hassan to Coorg (2night) / Nagerhole (2nights) / Mysore (1night) ...07nights / 08days.
  • The Coffee trail : Arrive Bangalore then further to transfer to Mysore(2nights) / Chikmangalore (1night) / Hospet (2nights) /Badami (1night) / Goa (2nights)....08nights/09days.