Kerala - be the guest of the gods

Dravidian -  Kerala Map

The blithe gods are benevolent.  As you head into the refreshing, verdant green canopy that is Kerala, you sure will feel nature is all sugar and spice. Especially in this heavenly strip of a land.  Where the highranges, the beaches, the backwaters and spectacular village life weave an enthralling magic around you.

Located at the southern most tip of India, Kerala (the land of kera, the coconuts) owes its name to the tall coconut palms, which spread their swaying fronds, creating a magical play of light and shade. As far as eyes can stretch.

Ever since the dawn of maritime era, many have come and surrendered to the charm that is Kerala. The Sumerians. Egyptians. Romans. The Greeks. The Chinese. The Arabs. The Europeans… Along with spices, silk, precious stones, jewellery, they have taken back equally rich memories and experiences. Thus, spreading stories far and wide.  Scripting the history of an enchanting stretch of a land, which is virtually a heaven on earth.

Kerala still retains the charm, the pull. As we move up across the hinterlands, towards the high ranges, we breathe in the air, heady with the distinct whiff of spices. Or coffee blossoms. Draped in thick mist, the mountains beckon. With a promise of sheer indulgence.

Come to the coastal plain. Lose yourself out to the timeless backwaters and exciting beaches. Go on a sedate cruise along the sedate backwaters, indulging in the delicious backwater cuisine.

Get sun-drenched in the golden beaches… When you think you’ve had it all, it’s time to begin another journey. To the vibrant heritage-heart of Kerala.

Feast your eyes on rows and rows of majestic, caparisoned elephants swaying their ears to the frenzied beating of drums. Rev up to the electric symphony of clarinets. Get to the soul of gods and demigods, giving in to the magnificence that is Kathakali. Trail up north. Taste the wild beauty of folk arts like Theyyam, Thira…

Top off the magic that is Kerala with body mind rejuvenation. Align your body, mind and soul harmoniously with an ayurvedic treatment. Go back, virtually, like the guest of gods.

Dravidian Itineraries

The lake n backwater trail :Cochin(2nights) / Periyar(1night) / Kumrakom(1night) / House Boat (1night) / Marari (2nights) / Cochin apt...07nights/08days

The Malabar Trail :Calicut (1night) / Vythiri(1night) / Telicherry (1)/Telicherry – Cochin by day train(over night at Cochin) / Cochin/Kumarakom(1night) / Marari (1night)...cochin apt drop...07/08days.