our personnel

Swaminathan S

S. Swaminathan
Managing Director
You wouldn’t miss this man, even in a rush hour crowd. Also, you’re unlikely to know (unless someone tells you) how this man, along with a small group of committed tour experts, changed the way thousands and thousands of  Europeans & other nationalities experienced South India. This commitment to provide the ultimate in travel experience inspired him to start a dedicated travel and tourism company. A different kind of a world and challenge for the man who used to drive business as Vice President, Kuoni Destination Management. But, for Swami, as people fondly call him, challenge is always fuel.

S. Annapoorani

S. Annapoorani
A constant inspiration and energy behind the whole dravidian trails team, this graduate (Tamil), hailing from a traditional south Indian middle class family, has smoothly evolved into an entrepreneur, almost overnight. Shuttling between various offices of the company and her home, she’s never new to the hassles of travelling. Precisely why, dravidian trails is bent on providing a delightful travel experience for its customers. In spite of her hectic business schedules, she still has quality time to manage homestead and dote on her husband, Mr. Swaminathan and two sons.

Bejoy Koshy

Head South
A cool man with a forever pleasant smile, that’s Bejoy for you. His unassuming demeanour may not disclose his thorough exposure, down to the nitty-gritty of travel and tourism.  At Kuoni, he had handled the entire responsibility of managing tourist movement in south India. In his position, he had directly interacted with major tour operators from Europe. This first-hand exposure to customer preferences is going to ensure a smooth, pleasant tour experience for dravidian trails customers, from across the world.

Hareesh T

Head Operations, Tamil Nadu

Prasanth Shenoy

Head Operations, Karnataka
The man with a drive to excel. Perhaps, this tags Prasanth best. For a man who has played a major role in moving tourists to most parts of the world, especially the Far East, this is something quite natural. A multi-faceted talent, he has proved his prowess in finance management as well as in people and situations management. Our esteemed customers will sure benefit from his commitment and experience in the industry.


A man with a contagious enthusiasm, Anish brings with him a wealth of experience in travel and tourism. Trained with Air India, in passenger handling, he soon started taking lead roles in passenger handling at terminals as well as in hard core travel and tourism activities. He further fine-honed his skills at Kuoni, from where he joined as an integral part of the Dravidian Trails team. 





Virtually the backbone of the entire Dravidian Trails team, Nisha handles finance and accounting exceptionally well. Her penchant for number-crunching is evident in many ways, as she smoothly facilitates complex financial deals as effortlessly and precise as a surgeon.