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The spirit of travelling!!
“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller
There’s nothing like it, in life.
Ever since the dawn of civilizations, travel has ignited, inspired human minds.
From the run of the mill mundane, one takes flight to the vast realms of the yet-to-be-known worlds. To explore! To discover! To experience the many joys, hitherto unsavoured!!!
The love of travel is one passion that dravidian trails shares with our clientele. This makes us understand our customers in-depth. That is why a true tour lover finds us the best travel solutions partner when it comes to experiencing South India in its all true flavours.
From now on, put aside those typical south Indian experiences that you’re so familiar with. And get ready to delve deep into the unexplored magic that is South India. A never-before kind of experience, to which you shall surrender.

Recommended Books Before Travelling to South India

God of Small Things – Arundhati Roy

The story is set in Ayemenem, now part of Kottayam district in Kerala, India. The temporal setting shifts back and forth between 1969, when fraternal twins Rahel (girl) and Esthappen (boy) are seven years old, and 1993, when the twins are reunited.

Nine Lives: In Search of the Sacred in Modern India – William Dalrymple

Dalrymple's seventh book is about the lives of nine Indians, a Buddhist monk, a Jain nun, a lady from a middle-class family in Calcutta, a prison warden from Kerala, an illiterate goat herd from Rajasthan, and a devadasi among others, as seen during his Indian travels.

The Saga of Muziris – Sethu

The Saga of Muziris is a fascinating tale of the glory and decline of a major port, a hub of maritime trade in Kerala, in South India, which had mysteriously disappeared from the face of earth during the fourteenth century.



Where the rain is born – Anita Nair

Writings About Kerala. The southernmost part of India was born, it is said, when the mighty Parasurama - sixth avatar of Vishnu - threw his battle axe to carve out the territory that would henceforth be his.