Famed for its profound Dravidian culture and lifestyle, the temples, beaches, heritage sites, local markets, festivals, and religious ceremonies

The endearing aroma of hot coffee, briskly moving women with their long braids decorated with jasmine garlands, thick moustached men in white, holding yellow cloth bags, the distant melody of Carnatic music, dissolving into the bee-buzz of mopeds and rick honks, film songs being played 24 hours from wayside stalls – this is Tamil Nadu. The land, known for its celebrated hospitality and zest for life.  Where even a smile at a passer-by will be greeted with a warm “Vanakkam”, the traditional Tamil way of greeting.

In Tamil Nadu, you will find legends and reality blending gracefully, like the warp and weft of a Kancheepuram silk brocade. The land is home to magnificent temples and temple architecture, art and craft, performing arts, places of historical and archaeological importance, exotic hill stations and beaches. A distinct cuisine delectably complements the versatility that is Tamil Nadu.

Dravidian Trails invites you to the soul of Tamil Nadu, through its unique trailing packages.

Wake up to the holy bells, blissful chanting, jasmine smell and freshness of sandal paste
Experience the delicacies with abundant spices at Chettinadu
Take a ride on the bullock cart
Witness the holy temple ceremony at Madurai Meenakshi Temple
Roam around the marvellous architectural wonders
Visit the popular weaver’s centres and bronze factories
Dip your feet to the holy waters of Rameswaram
Witness the sunrise and sunset from Southern tip of India
Hold your hands together on the hills of Ooty and enjoy the blue mountain railway

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Explore the world heritage sites – Darsuram | Mamallapuram | Tanjavur | Gangaikondacholapuram | Nilgiri Mountain Trails