dravidian trails’ exclusive

There’s nothing more exotic than celebrating a special day, or an event, in a far off place. Away from your homeland. Marriage. Engagement. Business victories…

When an occasion calls for a grand, unique celebration, Dravidian Trails can turn it into an event of a lifetime. Be it a wedding in ‘Kodagu style’, with a sumptuous spread of colourful pageantry. Or a jungle party high up in the misty hills of Karnataka. Or a floating fiesta along the dreamy backwaters of Kerala. Our dedicated ‘Specials’ wing is well-equipped to smoothen out all hassles so that you can just plunge into the celebrations, head-on.

Dravidian Trails goes beyond the beaten-tracks to offer you a range of exotic, custom-tailored event options like:

It gives you an insight into the cultural diversities of Cochin.

Explore Cochin as a localite of Cochin. Giving you an opportunity to experience the local modes of travel – Bus, Tuk Tuks, Ferry transfers. Visit the local markets in the new town, walk through the spice markets of Old Cochin, the residential area where different religious communities live harmoniously setting an example to the world. Enjoy a vegetarian lunch from a local restaurant (you can try by eating with your hands – “No” to Spoon and Fork for a meal)

This is a people’s participatory programme and more than 200 people in the village is involved and benefited from this programme.

We use Responsible Tourism as a tool to spread awareness of the success of Woman empowerment programmes and the empowered along with the changing lifestyle of women in Kerala. Interaction with the travelling community and the knowledge that they are visiting the villages to learn and experience the success of their hard work brings in a sense of pride amongst the villagers. Since these bring in alternative and supplementary sources of income to all our stakeholders, it makes economic sense to our people as well.

Stay with a family in Kerala and learn the various regional delicacies in its best.

Visit the nearest market and buy your favourite fish (locally available) and the various ingredients/spices/vegetables from a local market. Join your hostess to prepare your lunch/dinner.

It is believed that birds’ annual long-distance migrations motivated human races to move away from their routine life either on a holiday or due to climatic conditions. We at Dravidian trails feel that in spite of you being on a holidays, most of the cases travellers are confined themselves to a scheduled itinerary which does not allow them to be on their own or choose destinations like a free bird.

The above thought process of our group landed at Paravai, which means Bird in one of the Dravidian languages.  We do not want to restrict your choice of destinations and your freedom to Go As You Please.

We are aware that the success of Go As You Please is largely based on your Chauffer and Dravidian trails commit “Responsible Driver”. Our drivers are responsible, well experienced, and knowledgeable along with good communication skills and most importantly fully trained to look after your safety while driving.

The Indian Railways is one of the largest rail networks in the world.

Indian Railway (IR) runs more than 20,000 passenger trains daily, on both long-distance and suburban routes, from 7,349 stations across India

Various train experiences like Luxury Train tours, long-run trains, local passenger trains, city metro trains, and modern metro trains to steam-powered engines which gives another way of experiencing India

India the hub for various art performances. Each corner is enjoying the legacy of performing arts. Here we introduce an opportunity to interact with a Dance teacher who can give you some valuable inputs on the various performing arts and you can specialise in a particular art form.

Visit KERALA KALAMANDALAM the dedicated university for Performing arts located on the banks of Nila. It is founded in 1930 by renowned poet Padmabhooshan Vallathol Narayana Menon.

Revive into the classical art forms of Kerala – Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Kudiyattam, Thullal and Panchvadyam

The art of clay and threads. Stay in a clay studio or weavers nest to learn more about the art. It is not about your age but your enthusiasm and interest. All are welcome to know more about the culture of creativity.

Pottery is a very rewarding experience in both a creative and spiritual sense. To take a lump of clay into our hands and give it a form, which in turn gives it life is a great accomplishment. Working with clay allows you to express your emotions, experiences and creativity.

Start your day a bit early from your hotel. Opportunity to take a bicycle ride for around 16 Km or by cab to the local fishermen’s village. Witness the daily fishermen’s routine – the gathering/auctions/distributions. Enjoy your breakfast with a local family in the region. Also learn the basics of homely Keralan Breakfast