dravidian trails’ experience

Explore the beauty of the dravidian legacy in the most unique way it could.

Enjoy the heritage trail thru the colourful historic monuments, temples, spiritual centres, local artisans, spice traders, beaches, wildlife, hill stations, backwaters and an n number of experiences.

Travel through the empowered women society in India. Inspired by the heritage of Indian customs, holistic lifestyles, experience the initiatives of self-empowered/self-help groups.

It is an initiative for social empowerment by upgrading the lives of distressed in many ways or a success tale of the most respected, better halves of the society.

The colours, music, art performances, temple rituals/ceremonies , festivals , time with an Indian family

Taste the various delicacies of South India

Kodava Cuisine, Chettinadu Cuisine, Syrian Christian Cuisine, Namboothiri Cuisine, vegetarian Thali meals, seafood, flavours influenced by Portuguese, Moppila Cuisine, Tea Tasting, and Coffee Trail.

The world is practising a holistic way of life. Yes, it is always better late than never to share the happiness around.

Learn from an expert and polish your mind and body.

The tour offers you the best start for a new life. Accompanied by a Yoga expert in a very calm and at a quiet ambience amidst the greenery of Kerala, backwaters, beaches and experience the local life.

There is no fixed schedule. It is your holiday.

The rich high altitude Tea Plantations and the lovely weather conditions offer you the best tea tasting experience.

Unveil yourself in a beautiful tea plantation bungalow and enjoy the romantic holidays away from your chaotic life.

Experience the various process of orthodox and CTC Tea Making, taste the various types of tea and learn to make a perfect black tea.

The basic culture we evolved through.. Experience the way of life in a plantation stay. Experience different varieties of seasonal cultivations and enjoy the homemade delicacies

The ancient way of life and treatment. Refresh and rejuvenate yourselves from the hectic modern-day abnormalities. Opportunity to start a new life by energising from nature.

Love the nature and become acquainted with the splendid varieties of flora and fauna. Take a safari through the abundant wildlife to learn about our eco-life system and to “respect” the law of nature by “live and let live” policy

It is your take, take part in a trek through the hillside/wildlife sanctuaries/stay in a simple hut or tented accommodation – on the top/valley of the hill. Away from all luxuries and modern-day busy devices. You are just there – where you get the chance to open your eyes and ears to your surroundings. Listen to the rhythm of streams, wind, rain, birds, animals and more.

The blue waters of happiness. Stay in the midst of calm and quiet island resort within the luxury of pristine blue waters and forget about rest of the world. Take part in various water sports like scuba diving, underwater photography and banana ride.

No internet, television even the disturbance of telephone ringing, away from the digital world, at Bangaram Island, Minicoy, Thinnakara in Lakshdweep Islands offer you the best of holidays forever.

Where the golden lights rises or ends, where the mountain dew drips, where the wilderness catches its prey, where your mind is settled and focused, the nature connects with you.

Take a deep breath just before the click and frame it for rest of the world.

South India – a paradise for photography enthusiasts. Focus around and keep smiling…

Make your wedding a lifetime memory with the blessings of Kerala traditional attire in a beach destination OR on the backwaters OR in a boutique island resort. It would colourful portrait for a lifetime.

Set your mind into the peace on the lap of backwaters. No schedules, no activities, just relax and rejuvenate.